We supply, install, sand, custom stain and finishing all types of wood floors.

We work with premium mills and suppliers for the very best value including solid, engineered, prefinished, laminates, LVT and many other floor choices.

Pricing is crazy these days. Everything is expensive and prices keep going up.

Inventories are going down and lead-times are growing.

When it comes to pricing, we work hard to be competitive.

We know we are not the cheapest…

But also know we are definitely NOT the most expensive, by far.

Competitive Pricing

Written Proposals

Family Run Since 1954

Price is obviously very important.

But the “lowest price” is usually NOT the best-value price.

In fact, with the cost of materials equaling and most times exceeding the cost of labor, a “cheap price” can be the worst mistake!

That’s not just our opinion; unfortunately, that is a time proven fact, many times over, based on the many “redos” we’ve completing after other contractors failed .

In today’s world, equally as important to the quality of a contractor, is the importance of proper insurance. Unfortunately, we know some do not. Colonial Floors maintains proper Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Auto Liability, and an Aggregate $1,000,000, Commercial Liability policy.

About Quality:

We think humor says it best!


This is not in our business-model and never will be.

It’s very expensive to undo a cheap job!


Maintenance -Repair -Restore


Additions – Renovations -Alterations


Restore old – Revive and Replace to Authentic

Free Estimates with a detailed onsite evaluation.

Wood floors can be very fickle. A proper evaluation to your new flooring project should take at least 30 minutes, or more… And if it’s on the first floor, it can take longer as we MUST go in the basement /crawl/lower level areas to fully evaluate the space below where the new floors would be going!!

If your other floor-guys didn’t ask about this…that should be a MAJOR red flag.

Our Scope of work:

Supply, Install, Sand and Custom Finish of all types of new and old wood floors.

We can provide demo services of existing floor coverings.

We work with prefinished, unfinished, engineered and solid wood.

Supply and install LVT and other types of “laminate” flooring.

Custom work with borders, medallions, designs, in-lays, and patterns.

We work with oil, waterborne and hybrid commercial grade finishes.

We are a turn-key operation from beginning to end.

We do a lot of things well…

but we don’t move furniture!

(and there’s a few very goods reasons, too)

Before you call, please ask around about who we are…

We work VERY hard to try and make sure our reputation is strong and our customers are VERY happy with what we do, and how we do it.

We choose who we work with. Yea, that sounds pretty brazen, but truth be told, there are a lot of builders or contractors that we choose NOT to work with because wood flooring needs to be dealt with in a fairly specific manner, and with wood flooring, it’s important to follow NWFA and NOFMA time-proven guidelines and constantly trying to control the site conditions, ie, controlling temperature AND moisture!

Moisture is a wood floors’ nemesis!

Too much is bad!

Too little is bad!

Proper HVAC controls, job-site management, year-round temperature and moisture stability and the understanding that wood is a natural hygroscopic material that both absorbs and releases moisture based on the environment it is in, is absolutely a fundamental basic requirement to understanding stable wood floors.

A problem really starts when someone doesn’t want to hear this… If that is you, may I respectfully suggest using LVT products instead of real wood!

Wood has a sweet spot comfort range, and it’s important to really understand the nature of wood floors BEFORE there’s a problem…

There’s a lot of steps involved from the start of the project, till the job is complete.

We work hard to make sure each project starts smoothly and completes as best as possible.

As more than a few customers have said to us over the years (and we fully appreciate the compliment)…

“the only real unhappy customers we have are those that did not (or could not) work with us.”

And the fortune cookie words of wisdom that are actually perfectly said….

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.”

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