We admit it, the weakest link in our entire operation is the INITIAL communication!

Yes, we said it, and we know it: we suck at office work!

Thankfully, we are pretty darn good at doing floors.

We are just a small, family based business, trying to keep it simple and it helps new potential customers that we do NOT have an office staff, and they are not being ignored.

In short, maybe it helps to know that nobody is sitting around waiting to answer the phone or reply to an email as it comes in.

It’s hard running a small business and we try to keep unnecessary expenses down where possible.

That being said, email tends to be a better means of making initial contact.

Having more than 60 years of history as a family based professional flooring company, we have built up a very strong reputation, and we do not take that for granted.

Incoming calls:

We do try to make sure to return calls and emails as soon as we can, but office hours are very limited as we are on the jobs and on the road most of the time.

The vast majority of our customers are repeat clients and they contact us directly on our cell phones.

No disrespect is ever intended, but to be honest, our repeat customers and established clients will always receive our immediate attention over in-coming cold calls or emails.



Colonial Floors LLC

130-D Rosary Lane, Hyannis, MA 02601

508-364-2825 Cell or Text

Unmanned office/working warehouse.
By Appointment Only.