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We are a local, family-run, small business.

No language barriers!

Email is the best initial contact:

Since 1954




From simple…

To complex!

Awards, Publications and Accreditations:


In fact, many!

Our projects have been featured and showcased in many publications over our 60+ years in business.

And yes, all of the project pictures on our site are from projects that the we actually did.

Unlike some other flooring sites we see, many of their pictures on their site are “stock pics” and definitely NOT of their actual work.

Yup, we agree… that’s pretty sad!


Email is the preferred initial means of contact!!!!

Email helps with initial communication…who likes getting calls after 7pm or worse, who likes to answer one?

Voicemails are checked routinely, but we are an unmanned office.

But please understand, we are just a small, family-based business trying to keep it simple.

We don’t try and pretend we are bigger than we are.

We do NOT have an office staff, and we do not have regular “office hours”.

We are mostly on the road, on the jobs, and on our cells.

The vast majority of our customers are repeat customers and thus, they contact us directly by our cell phones, texts, and/or email.

But we do try to make sure to return calls and emails as soon as we can.

There is no disrespect ever intended, but to be honest, repeat clients and customers will always receive our immediate attention, every time!



Colonial Floors LLC

130-D Rosary Lane

Hyannis, MA


To leave a voice message or text: 508-367-0121

This location is our working warehouse and an unmanned office.
By Appointment Only.