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Maintenance: Some Simple Do's and Don'ts
Proper maintenance of your floor is very important to assure a long-lasting, beautiful floor.

·  Vacuum floors routinely (using suitable wood floor attachments) to remove possible small abrasives such as dirt and sand.
·  Clean any spill and/or accidents immediately using paper towels and a wood floor-specific cleaner.
·  Utilize suitable fabric runners and area rugs along high traffic, high stressed areas.
·  Apply furniture leg protector pads or "cups" under furniture legs.
·  Add exterior door mats to help keep dirt and grit where it belongs --- outside.
·  Move heavy appliances and furniture by sliding them on a piece of thick carpet placed face down.(soft side to the floors). When possible, lift and place items without sliding.
·  Maintain your home's relative humidity between 45% and 55% . Basements, and the commonly found stagnant, moist air, are culprit of first floor cupping problems associated with wider than 3" boards. If necessary, install a dehumidifier and circulating fan to condition the basement air. (consult your local hardware store or home improvement contractor for more information).

·  Do not allow water to stand on your floor for any length of time as water will stain the wood.
·  Do not use aggressive or improper cleaning products on your floor. This includes: ammonia, liquid or powered dishwashing/laundry detergents, "oil soaps" and many other all-purpose cleaners. Use only those cleaners that are specified or deemed safe for Wood Floors.

Floors are subject to life's abuses and accidents. Fortunately, numerous cleaners and maintenance products are available from retailers and home stores for your specific cleaning needs. Consult your local hardware store or home improvement center for more information.

Always remember that it is best to catch wearing wood floors before stains, scratches and general distress becomes permanent.

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