NWFA Colonial Floors


Colonial Floors:

  a family owned and operated business since 1954.
  a company that homeowners can trust from start to finish.
  a company that builders know to call when the project has to be done right and on time.
  a company that builders call when it's time to do their own home's floors.
  a company that can accommodate small to massive projects utilizing in-house staff.
  a company that contractors and homeowners call when other so-called wood floor professionals fail.
  a company that customers call when they are told "it can't be done."
  a company that more contractors and retailers recommend.
  a company that knows the reasons why other flooring contractors will promise more for less.
  a company that never compromises quality in favor of "cheaper" square foot prices.
  a company that utilizes modern, well maintained equipment and only time proven finishes.
  a company that works hard to provide customer satisfaction.
  a company the builds upon 50+ years of success by treating every customer with professionalism.
  a one-call company covering wood floor sales to finishing. All phases are in-house.
  a company that simply does the job right!

Family Pride. Talent. Professionalism. Quality Craftsmenship.

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