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Hardwood Floors: The right choice. Strength, beauty and unlike any other floor covering, it's renewable.

Wood floors will provide:

Beauty:Wood floors enhance the aesthetic value of any room.
Character:Only real hardwoods can provide the unique charm perfected by nature
Protection:   Spills and clean-ups are made simple.
Health:Wood floors are widely recommended by the medical community. They are shown to help reduce allergy related problems within the home, as compared to other floor coverings.
Value:Hardwood floors are time proven to increase property resale values.
Strength:Wood floors add to the overall structural integrity when laid properly to the flooring joists.
Durability:  Following recommended guidelines, hardwood floors will provide years of service. And, wood floors are the only renewable flooring surface. Often, solid wood floors, while maintained by professionals, can last hundreds and hundreds of years!

Wood Floor Reality:

Ask any wood floor professional, and they will agree: 
Wood floors differ from furniture.
Sorry, but it is true.
Furniture is manufactured under ultra controlled conditions with respect to temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure and velocity. That said, educated consumers must understand some of the realities concerning wood floors.

One should not expect:

1. 100% Glass-like finish. Residual air-borne particles may settle onto freshly applied top finish. However, this element is minimized greatly by way of prudent attention to prevention and powerful vacuum systems incorporated into Colonial Floor's sanding equipment.
2. A monochromatic surface. By its very nature, wood is not homogeneous. Thankfully, each piece varies as it is milled from nature's supply, not manufacture to an engineer's specifications. Due to grain and density variations, every board differs from the next. However, it is this very quality that produces a wood floor's warmth, charm and distinct character.
3. A crack-free surface: Wood floors are installed as tight and securely as proper milling allows. However, all types of wood are porous and, as such, absorb and release moisture throughout the heating and cooling seasons. This natural, and unavoidable process will cause flooring to expand and contract slightly resulting in nominal cracks. However, our professional installers take many time proven measures to reduce and contend with this process where possible.
4. An indestructible surface: despite the term "hardwood", all wood surfaces (soft or hardwood) and top coat finishes are subject to a relative degree of wear. Wear, or finish longevity, is directly proportional to imposed stress. Factors such as pets, high-heel shoes, excessive surface abrasives (sand/dirt) and standing water will eventually fatigue any top coat finish.

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